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Stalybridge Whit Friday- Brass Band Contest 2014

Live Forever Productions has produced a short film about the traditional Brass Band contest held on Whit Friday every year in the beautiful town of Stalybridge, North-West England (alongside other towns in Tameside, Greater Manchester). It includes superb performances by several bands as well as the full performance by the winning band of the contest, Fodens. This has been the company’s first project since relocating from London to Manchester a few months ago.

Promo Video- Hampton and Richmond Borough FC

This short promo introduces the club, its different teams and set-up as well as giving a vivid impression of the vibrant atmosphere on match days.

The Craven Braves- Rough Diamonds

A short fly-on-the-wall documentary about the excellent upcoming band The Craven Braves from London who are putting guitar driven music back on the map. The documentary was filmed on the day of the launch of their debut single 'Rough Diamond.' The film reflects how the Craven Braves' independent attitude towards the current music scene and their strong song repertoire is truly setting them apart from their contemporaries.

Befluegelter Protest/ We Are The People

Short Documentary about Germany's

(German&English versions)

Live Forever Productions has produced a short documentary about internet channel, a groundbreaking, innovative and completely independent medium that is changing the way news and current affairs are presented to the public in Germany. was founded and is run by dedicated Stuttgart citizens from various professional backgrounds,

to inform about the highly controversial major building project 'S21' regarding the redevelopment of Stuttgart's historic central station. The volunteers of this local news broadcaster offer the public direct and authentic content as opposed to mainstream media coverage that is often influenced by lobbies and political considerations. In the process, itself has become a leading example in Germany and beyond of how a democratically committed medium can be run by the people for the people. 20 min, 2011. 

If you'd like to find out more about the project S21, its consequences for the people of Stuttgart and beyond and the citizens movement against it, please visit:

Befluegelter Protest, German language version:

We Are The People!, English language version:

We Are The Mods

WE ARE THE MODS explores London's vibrant and cross-generational mod scene by taking a closer look at mod fashion, scootering, music and mod art. The film focuses on why people choose to be Mods and what being a Mod means to the individual. The doc features music by The Universal and Connett and interviews with Comedian Ian Moore, Small Faces&Mod expert John Hellier and The New Untouchables' Rob Bailey.

The DVD includes the main documentary WE ARE THE MODS (45min) plus extras such as short features on scootering, vintage fashion and a slideshow of contemporary mod photography. Production Year: 2010.

To BEaver Or Not To BEaver

Film festival nominated documentary film about Non-League football club Hampton and Richmond Borough. The film follows 'The Beavers' during their 2008/09 season, the most successful season to date in the club's history. Features interviews with fans and manager Alan Devonshire. Length: 45min plus specials. Production Year: 2009. If you would like to order a DVD copy, please contact us.


To view a selection of Live Forever Productions' work please click here: